Ways to Utilize Wasted Space in the Home

Ways to Utilize Wasted Space in the Home

Those of you with small homes have probably wished for more space. But what about the wasted space you do have, and probably hasn’t it given a second thought?

Think about the various areas of the house that often go unused: awkward corners, small attics, and that space under the stairs.

These are just three examples among many. Now that you have thought about it, where do you have wasted space in the home, and how can you utilize it?

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Breakfast Nooks in the Kitchen

Double up on your space-saving techniques by designing a breakfast nook with storage. Do you have a corner with windows on both walls that sit empty because you cannot place cabinets on either wall?

You can always use this space in some way. For example, a breakfast nook is perfect because you can place an L-shaped bench in the corner.

A small table completes the breakfast nook. But that’s not all–the benches can double as storage for cooking utensils, hats and gloves and so on.

Cozy Attic Library/reading Nook

Most attics serve as storage space for boxes and totes full of things you are saving, or perhaps seasonal gear. Don’t have anything to store in your attic?

How about that collection of books you don’t have a library in which to display them?

If your attic is safe for spending time, why not design a cozy little library where you can escape and lose yourself in that novel?

Besides adequate lighting, built-in bookshelves, and some overstuffed pillows or beanbag chairs are all you need to get cozy in your attic library.

Storage Under the Stairs

That space under the stairs doesn’t have to be wasted. I have seen numerous creative ideas for storage under the staircase.

Open bookshelves are just one way to display your books or any other collection you might have. You could turn it into a storage cabinet with doors for house cleaning items.

The most creative idea I have seen lately, though, is a staircase that consists entirely of cabinet-style drawers and doors, complete with hardware and a stain that matches the stair treads.

Use that space under the stairs in any way that would meet your needs.

Where do you have wasted space in your home? How can you utilize it to fit your family’s lifestyle?